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    1. Non-UTUC findings (mucosa fold, small extraluminal mass and parapelvic hyperdense cyst and bullous mucosal edema) were found during ureteroscopy in 4/9 cases and normal upper urinary tract was described in 5/9 cases.
    2. The black stained lymph node to which a black stained lymphatic tract leads was considered as sentinel lymph node and excised along with perinodal fat.
    3. It is also resecreted into the gastrointestinal tract through enterohepatic circulation.
    4. While Bpp hu and the other classical bordetellae can efficiently colonize mice, Bpp ov strains are severely defective in their ability to colonize the murine respiratory tract.
    5. The afferent fibers, which play an important role in triggering swallowing, contact premotoneurons mainly located within the interstitial and intermediate subnuclei of the solitary tract nucleus (NTS) in the brainstem.
    6. Functional studies [26 –28 ] also suggest a role as secretomotor neurons for the cholinergic subpopulation showing that ACh exhibits a strong prosecretory effect in the porcine gastrointestinal tract, including the proximal colon.
    7. T-2 toxin ingestion results in a severe irritation of the upper digestive tract, including a hemorrhagic ruminitis, due to its cytotoxic effects.
    8. The dorsal raphe forebrain tract is a ventral transtegmental efferent pathway coursing through the midbrain forebrain bundle (MFB) and mainly terminating within the striatum [17 ,18 ].
    9. On the third day after coil embolization, the follow up tubography showed the successful closure of fistulous tract.
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    1. To the south, as Halliday followed the winding course of the river, the darkness gave way to the deep indigo tracts of the irrigation project, the lines of canals forming an exquisite bonelike gridwork.”
    2. And nonconscientious eaters have their own set of difficulties, not the least of which is suffering through evangelical tracts from everyone else about the food supply.
    3. the teretial tracts in the floor of the fourth ventricle of the brain of some fishes
    4. Our rural tracts--where no Babel-chimney scales the heavens--are without mighty objects to fill the soul with the sense of an outer world unconquerably aloof from our efforts.
    5. He had turn’d the same covetous Angles as the Welshman,– tho’ perhaps never as many, for Shelby seem’d seiz’d with Goniolatry, or the Worship of Angles, defining tracts of virgin Land by as many of these exhilarating Instrumental Sweeps, as possible.
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