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    1. Movement of mitochondria and other cell parts from a neuron's cell body toward the synapse is called anterograde transport.
    2. It extrapolates those ideas in antipop directions; the beat started amid feedback and reverb, then drove the music toward brick-walled dead ends, while Mr. Barnett repeated thoughts like “Strike me down” or “We’re being watched by experts.”
    3. In fact, interpreters commonly declare that Mark is an "apocalyptic" Gospel. When they read Jesus' long speech toward the end of the Gospel (chap. 13), they even detect a veritable "apocalypse": "Wars and rumors of wars, [ …] "
    4. In a Galilean frame of reference, any point fixed relative to the Earth has an axipetal acceleration (ie directed toward the world's axis following the shortest distance, which is the perpendicular), of value Ω2(r sin θ).
    5. The researchers say that there are many hurdles to overcome in using such a device inside the body, but that the work represents "a step toward the development of biocompatible, minimally invasive, autonomous microtools."
    6. If it had a flaw, it was in a tendency toward workaday tepidness. Mr. Maazel, for his part, gave a focused, dignified reading, and forbore from striking his repertory of conductorial poses until the score’s final page.
    7. Mike Pereira, the league’s director of officiating, said Wade did not commit an illegal crackback block because he was blocking upfield and not back toward the ball.
    8. He crooked his finger toward me.
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