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  • Exemples de tapered
    1. His proudest offering is a matched pair of 17th-century huanghuali tapered cabinets formerly in the Museum of Classical Chinese Furniture in Renaissance, Calif.
    2. In the sentiment of the following lines on "A pipe of Tobacco" by John Usher, all lovers of the plant will heartily join: "Let the toper regale in his tankard of ale, Or with alcohol moisten his thropple, Only give me I pray, a good pipe of soft clay, Nicely tapered, and thin in the stopple; And I shall puff, puff, let who will say enough, No luxury else I'm in lack o', No malice I hoard, 'gainst Queen, Prince, Duke or Lord, While I pull at my pipe of Tobacco.
    3. Antennal bases enlarged, forming straight bidentate horns, tapered and pointed ventroapically.
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