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    1. This trend removal is similar to that used to remove nonclimatic growth-related trends in dendroclimatic records (29 ).
    2. [Morchella] esculentoides [is] similar to Morchella esculenta, a European esculent, whose name, appropriately, means "edible".
    3. Coupled with the Constitution's proscription of ex post facto laws is a similar prohibition against bills of attainder.
    4. These are similar in composition to the leaner iron ores of Brazil, called itabirite, but differ in that the silica is in the form of chemically deposited chert, rather than fragmental quartz grains.
    5. Instead of a promotion, I opted for a lateral move to a similar position in the marketing department.
    6. From a similar selection, says M. Remusat, the Coreans have made a monophonic alphabet of nine vowels and fifteen consonants
    7. While the mixture is very similar to crepe batter, when you confine it to deep, narrow, muffinlike molds, the surface of the batter sets and the air is trapped, so that the pastry has nowhere to go but up and out, creating a gravity-defying bubble.
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    1. So if the child now represents these instances as being blickets, she represents them as being more similar to each other than they seemed previously.
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