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  • Exemples de partnership
    1. a nonplatonic partnership
    2. a nontrading partnership
    3. a precompetitive research partnership
    4. By keeping the profits undistributed in the partnership they remained free of UK tax.
    5. The company also announced a partnership with Pfizer to develop and market the experimental product apixaban, also for blood clots.
    6. Yes, I'm a shipper! I feel that M and S secretly love each other, but can't express their feelings right now due to their partnership. so I'm technically a finishipper!
    7. Carroll has been edging slowly towards full fitness after his expensive arrival from Newcastle United and his partnership with £23m Luis Suarez showed rich promise as Liverpool controlled affairs from start to finish.
    8. Mr. Negroponte said eliminating the comparisons was required as part of a nondisparagement clause in the partnership agreement the two companies had signed.
  • Exemples de partnerships
    1. Shell has also formed partnerships with a variety of small companies at work on improving enzymes that break down various plants and waste materials for ethanol, making fuels from algae and even biogasoline from sugary liquids derived from plant materials.
    2. Like other rockers easing into middle age or seniorhood, Mr. McKagan is also experimenting with new partnerships in response to a music business in flux.
    3. There were no differences in terms of proportion of participants in polygyneous relationships, intergenerational partnerships, number of children or other sociodemographic variables.
    4. Largely missing from the discussion on multiple concurrent sexual partnerships is how the lessons and experiences on sexuality at a young age, by traditions such as unyago, play out in adult life.
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