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  • Exemples de necktie
    1. Wu, with close-cropped hair and a lineless face, wore a cardigan and a necktie and looked like a truant from boarding school.
    2. He seems like an average businessman, but deep down he's an overgrown kid with a necktie.
    3. The dress code for the funeral said dark - meaning white shirt, black suit, with a black necktie (no bowties permitted.)
    4. Straighten out your necktie and comb your hair.
  • Exemples de neckties
    1. The first evidence of what it was about to be, was the appearance of the drapery establishments in the city on Saturday morning; the windows, exteriorly and interiorly, being one mass of crape and green ribbon--funeral knots, badges, scarfs, hat-bands, neckties, &c., exposed for sale.
    2. It is the usual practice of employees there to wear neckties only when meeting with customers.
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