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  • Exemples de narrow
    1. "There are only eight pictures to take in Bhalil," Mohammed announces confidently as we walk the narrow laneways ever upward.
    2. A prospective randomized study of 180 AD patients examined balneophototherapy, which involved bathing in a 10% Dead Sea salt solution plus narrow band ultraviolet B (UVB) light, compared to standard narrow band UVB phototherapy alone.
    3. The remaining cell events exhibited a consistent ratio of infrared vs. far red fluorescence attributable to chlorophyll, resulting in a narrow linear distribution of cell events on the flow cytogram.
    4. A longitudinal ridge connects the left prezygapophysis and postzygapophysis; a narrow and relatively elongate process (which is flattened against the neural arch) projects laterocaudally and ventrally from this ridge about at mid-arch.
    5. Ocelli circled by narrow greyish patch, creamy patch mesocaudad distinct or absent (Fig 3A and 3C ).
    6. Metasternum with narrow band of pubescence close to metepisterna, meso- and metacoxal cavities; remaining surface with very short and sparse setae, interspersed with some long setae; finely, sparsely punctate.
  • Exemples de narrows
    1. The road narrows.
    2. Rhythmic beaches consist of a rhythmic longshore bar that narrows and deepens when the rip crosses the breaker, and in between broadens, shoals and approaches the shore. It does not, however, reach the shore, with a continuous rip feeder channel feeding the rips to either side of the bar.
  • Exemples de narrower
    1. [ … ] it is unclear whether the beatings of potential political opponents are a governmentwide strategy or a narrower effort by Mr. Mugabe’s backers to shore up his remaining power.
    2. Imagination has always been, and still is, in a narrower sense, the great mythologizer. — Lowell.
    3. The Yue dialects are popularly known as the Cantonese dialects. [...] The speech of Canton City, which is Cantonese in its narrower sense, is the best known and most generally esteemed of the Yue dialects.
    4. The Ordos region in the narrower sense is nomadic by history, in contrast to the agricultural and densely populated southeastern loess part that stretches up to the Wei river valley.
    5. The two species differ, however, in the shape of the solenomerite, much broader and with a distal lamella in the new species, vs. with obviously narrower processes in Ommatoiulus bavayi.
  • Exemples de narrowed
    1. At the low-frequency end, one observes motionally narrowed spectra, whereas, at the high-frequency end, the spectra display very slow motion, almost at the rigid limit (due to the increased importance of the g tensor).
    2. Spirant consonants are those in which the mouth passage is simply narrowed without any actual contact.
    3. She inbreathed sharply, then her eyes narrowed a trifle.
    4. On sagittal reconstruction of the CT images, a narrowed aortomesenteric distance and angle can be easily depicted, substantiating the diagnosis.
    5. A pannus was significant if the diameter of the subprosthetic portion narrowed by the pannus was > 50% of the internal diameter of the geometric orifice area of the mechanical valve as assessed visually.
  • Exemples de narrowing
    1. Still, for consumers who cannot afford a luxury vehicle, the good news is that the gap between luxury and nonluxury brands has been narrowing and will continue to diminish, Mr. Ivers said.
    2. An abnormal reading on a presurgical EKG led to another angiogram, which indicated that the original narrowing had worsened.
    3. We're narrowing the distance between the two versions of the bill.  The distance between the lowest and next gear on my bicycle is annoying. ‎
    4. The gap between Western and Eastern societies seems to be narrowing. ‎
    5. The radiographs also confirmed osteoarthritic changes in the right hand with severe joint space narrowing at the scaphotrapezial and first CMC joint, along with minor joint space narrowing in the second and third MCP joints.
    6. Operculum ( Op ) broad, longer than the bursa, distally narrowing into a rounded apical process bearing ca. 10 setae, anterior surface subdistally with shallow concavity ( C ).
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