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    1. 1962: I at once telephoned. The Shades were out, said the cheeky ancillula, an obnoxious little fan who came to cook for them on Sundays and no doubt dreamt of getting the old poet to cuddle her some wifeless day. — Vladimir Nabokov, Pale Fire
    2. She cuddled the infant before bedtime.
    3. I'm cold; can you roll over here and cuddle me, honey?
    4. assle, buzzle, crackle, cuddle, dazzle, draggle, drawl, dribble, drizzle, fumble, gamble, grapple, handle, kissle, maddle, mingle, nestle, nuzzle, prattle, ramble, rattle, ripple, scribble, sile, sizzle, smartle, sniffle, snuggle, startle, stopple, suckle, tattle, tickle, topple, waggle, whemmle, wiggle, wrestle
  • Exemples de cuddled
    1. The young lovers cuddled on the couch.
    2. She cuddled the infant before bedtime.
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