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  • Exemples de belonging
    1. So in the spring of 2002 Gallagher wrote his first check for $20,000 to cover the annual cost of belonging to a group that now operates 14 support circles for the superwealthy.
    2. I have a feeling of belonging in London.
    3. A need for belonging seems fundamental to humans.
    4. And so even now hath he divers blanchers belonging to the market, to let and stop the light of the gospel. — Latimer.
    5. The student body consisted primarily of boarders, except for a few children belonging to the school staff.
    6. And with extorting, cozening, forfeiting, / And tricks belonging unto brokery. — Marlowe.
    7. [ …] I believed her to have been carried off by some persons belonging to a party of Jacobites who were known to be caballing against the government, though to what extent was not then ascertained.
    8. No, had every Commandment but a Gibbet belonging to it, I ſhould not have had four King's Evidences to-day ſwear impudently I was a Papiſt, when I was never at Maſs yet ſince I was born, nor indeed at any other Worſhip theſe twenty Years.
  • Exemples de belongings
    1. I packed my belongings carefully so that they would survive the move intact.
    2. The ship had a charge of colonists and their belongings.
    3. You'd better lock up your belongings before handing your keys to a valet; some of them have sticky fingers.
    4. He went through his belongings, gradually shedding the trappings of youth.
    5. If you plan to detrain at the next stop, please begin gathering your belongings.
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