• Le mot table peut faire référence aux notions suivantes :
  • Meuble destiné à la réunion de personnes en ameublement ;
  • forme de sommaire : table des illustrations ou registre pouvant servir d'indes nominatif. ;
A table (furniture).
  • NomPLtablesSUF-able
    1. Furniture with a top surface to accommodate a variety of uses.
      1. He had one hand on the bounce bottle—and he'd never let go of that since he got back to the table—but he had a handkerchief in the other and was swabbing his deadlights with it.
      2. That's the strongest table I've ever seen at a European Poker Tour event
      3. The humor of my proposition appealed more strongly to Miss Trevor than I had looked for, and from that time forward she became her old self again; [ …] . Our table in the dining-room became again the abode of scintillating wit and caustic repartee, Farrar bracing up to his old standard, and the demand for seats in the vicinity rose to an animated competition.
    2. A two-dimensional presentation of data.
      1. I’m using mathesis — a universal science of measurement and order … And there is also taxinomia a principle of classification and ordered tabulation. Knowledge replaced universal resemblance with finite differences. History was arrested and turned into tablesWestern reason had entered the age of judgement.
      2. The children were practising multiplication tables. ‎
      3. Don’t you know your tables? ‎
      4. Here is a table of natural logarithms. ‎
      5. On this evidence they will certainly face tougher tests, as a depleted Newcastle side seemed to bask in the relative security of being ninth in the table.
    3. (music)  The top of a stringed instrument, particularly a member of the violin family: the side of the instrument against which the strings vibrate.
      1. (backgammon)  One half of a backgammon board, which is divided into the inner and outer table.
      2. VerbeSGtablesPRtablingPT, PPtabled
        1. To put on a table.
          1. (Britain, Canada, New Zealand) To propose for discussion (from to put on the table).
            1. The legislature tabled the amendment, so they will start discussing it now.
          2. (US) To hold back to a later time; to postpone.
            1. The legislature tabled the amendment, so they will not be discussing it until later.
            2. The motion was tabled, ensuring that it would not be taken up until a later date.
          3. To tabulate; to put into a table.
            1. to table fines
          4. To delineate, as on a table; to represent, as in a picture.
            1. To supply with food; to feed.
              1. (carpentry) To insert, as one piece of timber into another, by alternate scores or projections from the middle, to prevent slipping; to scarf.
                1. To enter upon the docket.
                  1. to table charges against someone
                2. (nautical) To make board hems in the skirts and bottoms of (sails) in order to strengthen them in the part attached to the bolt-rope.
                3. Plus d'exemples
                  1. Utilisé au milieu de la phrase
                    • The old wooden table was given regular varnishings.
                    • Some of the children had good table manners; some not.
                    • The proposed new bill will soon be on the table in Parliament.
                  2. Utilisé au début de la phrase
                    • Table 9 shows the results of average values, fuzzy weights and defuzzied weights of the attributes for the decision-making process.
                  3. Utilisé dans la fin de la phrase
                    • John caught his breath when he saw the bottle rolling unstoppably towards the opposite edge of the table.
                    • I caught her drift when she looked at me from across the noisy lunchroom and went over to her table.
                    • Why don't you try your luck at the blackjack tables?

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                Grammaticalement, ce mot "table" est un nom, plus spécifiquement, un noms dénombrable. C'est aussi un verbe.
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