• Suffixe
    1. A frequentative suffix of verbs, indicating repetition or continuousness.
      1. assle, buzzle, crackle, cuddle, dazzle, draggle, drawl, dribble, drizzle, fumble, gamble, grapple, handle, kissle, maddle, mingle, nestle, nuzzle, prattle, ramble, rattle, ripple, scribble, sile, sizzle, smartle, sniffle, snuggle, startle, stopple, suckle, tattle, tickle, topple, waggle, whemmle, wiggle, wrestle
    2. A suffix forming adjectives from verbs with the meaning of "prone to", "tending to", "apt to", "capable of"; compare -ative.
      1. battle, breakle, brittle, fickle, forgettle, little, newfangle, nimble, wankle
    3. A suffix forming agent nouns from verbs.
      1. beadle, beetle, bridle, bundle, cripple, fettle, girdle, ladle, losel, runnel, shovel, spindle, spittle, steeple, stile, stopple, thimble, tool, towel, trundle
    4. A suffix forming diminutives from other nouns; compare -ling.
      1. bramble, dimple, dingle, hatchel, hosel, hovel, gomeral, kernel, newel, nozzle, puckle, treddle

Meaning of -le for the defined word.

Grammaticalement, ce mot "-le" est un morphème, plus spécifiquement, un suffixe.
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    Définition: Niveau 9
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