Le mot du jour
  1. Nom
    • Extreme pleasure, happiness or excitement.
    • In some forms of fundamentalist Protestant eschatology, the event when Jesus returns and gathers the souls of living believers. (Usually "the rapture.").
    • (obsolete) The act of kidnapping or abducting, especially the forceful carrying off of a woman.
    • (obsolete) Rape; ravishment; sexual violation.
    • (obsolete) The act of carrying, conveying, transporting or sweeping along by force of movement; the force of such movement; the fact of being carried along by such movement.
    • A spasm; a fit; a syncope; delirium.
  2. Verbe
    • (dated, transitive) To cause to experience great happiness or excitement.
    • (dated, intransitive) To experience great happiness or excitement.
    • (transitive) To take (someone) off the Earth and bring (them) to Heaven as part of the Rapture.
    • (rare, intransitive) To take part in the Rapture; to leave Earth and go to Heaven as part of the Rapture.
    • (uncommon) To state (something, transitive) or talk (intransitive) rapturously.
Image du jour

Phrase du jour
  • The fire was confined to the forward portion of the store.
  • The forward gun in a ship, or the forward ship in a fleet